8mm Faceted Sapphire Rondelles

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**8mm Faceted Sapphire Rondelles on Tarnished Sterling Silver with Brass Hexagons**

These sapphire rondelles, measuring 8mm, radiate elegance with their deep blue hues. They are artfully contrasted by the tarnished sterling silver backdrop, adding a touch of vintage charm. Brass hexagons introduce a geometric element, creating a unique and sophisticated piece that marries the beauty of sapphires with the character of aged metals. A striking and timeless accessory, perfect for making a statement or gifting someone special.

Fe Goods, a talented Alaskan artist, breathes new life into vintage components, creating one-of-a-kind pieces that blend history with innovation. Their work is a nostalgic journey into the past, celebrating sustainability and environmental responsibility. Fe Goods' art beautifully bridges the gap between the old and the new, preserving history while inspiring a more eco-conscious world.