Beer Makes Me Awesome Canvas Patch Hat

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Introducing the "Beer Makes me Awesome" Canvas Patch Hat, a locally crafted from the in Palmer, Alaska. 

Choose from two distinctive styles to suit your preference:

1. **Mesh Back with Snap Closure:**
- **Material:** Crafted with a perfect blend of durability and breathability.
- **Adjustable Fit:** The snap closure ensures a snug and comfortable fit for head sizes ranging from 6 5/8 to 7 3/8.
- **Unstructured Low Profile:** Embraces a laid-back, casual style with a comfortable feel.
- **Six Panel Design:** Offers a classic aesthetic and optimal shaping for a timeless look.

2. **Full Back with Snap Closure:**
- **Material:** Constructed with high-quality materials for lasting comfort and style.
- **Adjustable Fit:** The snap closure allows for easy adjustment, catering to head sizes from 6 5/8 to 7 3/8.
- **Unstructured Six Panel Low Profile:** Strikes the perfect balance between a relaxed fit and a modern silhouette.
- **Full Back Design:** Provides additional coverage and a classic look that complements any wardrobe.

**Canvas Patch Detail:**
- The standout feature of these hats is the meticulously crafted canvas patch proudly displaying the witty slogan "Beer Makes me Awesome." This patch adds a touch of personality and charm, making it a conversation starter wherever you go.