Elegant Faceted Blue Kyanite Teardrop on Vintage Brass Heart Chain

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**Elegant Faceted Blue Kyanite Teardrop on Vintage Brass Heart Chain with Brass Crescents and Tarnished Sterling Silver**

Embrace the enchanting beauty of this remarkable jewelry piece. The faceted blue kyanite teardrop, with its tranquil and captivating blue hues, exudes an air of serenity and sophistication. The teardrop dangles gracefully from a vintage brass heart chain, which adds a touch of timeless charm and romantic allure.

Enhancing the design are the brass crescents, evoking a sense of cosmic wonder, and the tarnished sterling silver backdrop, which infuses the piece with an antique character and vintage allure. This combination of elements creates a harmonious blend of past and present, seamlessly merging the beauty of kyanite with the whimsy of vintage aesthetics.

Wear this jewelry as a symbol of serenity and love, or gift it to someone special as a unique expression of affection and style. This handcrafted piece is a testament to the enduring allure of blue kyanite, the elegance of the vintage brass heart chain, and the timeless charm of brass crescents and tarnished sterling silver. It's a captivating addition to your jewelry collection, designed to inspire and captivate.

Fe Goods, a talented Alaskan artist, breathes new life into vintage components, creating one-of-a-kind pieces that blend history with innovation. Their work is a nostalgic journey into the past, celebrating sustainability and environmental responsibility. Fe Goods' art beautifully bridges the gap between the old and the new, preserving history while inspiring a more eco-conscious world.