Exquisite Super Long Vintage Copper Spike

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Exquisite Super Long Vintage Copper Spike Adorned with Tiny Green Peridot and Suspended on a Tarnished Sterling Silver Hook

Unveil the extraordinary with this magnificent and truly unique jewelry piece. The super long vintage copper spike, with its captivating and imposing presence, adds an air of bold elegance and intrigue to your ensemble. At the pinnacle of this remarkable spike, you'll find an exquisite arrangement of tiny green peridot gemstones, offering a delicate yet vibrant touch of color.

Expertly suspended from a tarnished sterling silver hook, this juxtaposition of the vintage and the modern results in a harmonious blend, bridging the character of antique charm with the allure of contemporary design.

Wear this striking jewelry as a symbol of uniqueness and charisma, or gift it to someone special to convey a sense of strength and individuality. This handcrafted piece is a testament to the enduring fascination of vintage copper, the allure of green peridot, the character of tarnished sterling silver, and the ingenuity of innovative design. It's a captivating addition to your jewelry collection, designed to inspire and captivate.

Fe Goods, a talented Alaskan artist, breathes new life into vintage components, creating one-of-a-kind pieces that blend history with innovation. Their work is a nostalgic journey into the past, celebrating sustainability and environmental responsibility. Fe Goods' art beautifully bridges the gap between the old and the new, preserving history while inspiring a more eco-conscious world.