Multilayer Design 925 Silver Plated Eternity Ring

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The trendy multilayer design you mentioned refers to a style of jewelry featuring multiple layers or bands stacked together in a ring. The ring is made of 925 sterling silver, which is a common alloy used in jewelry making. The silver is plated with a thin layer of zircon, a synthetic gemstone that resembles the brilliance of a diamond.

An eternity ring typically symbolizes everlasting love and commitment. It is characterized by a continuous band of gemstones or decorative elements that encircle the entire ring. In the case of the ring you described, zircon stones are likely set along the band to create a sparkling and glamorous look.

The combination of the multilayer design, 925 silver plating, and zircon stones makes for a trendy and eye-catching piece of jewelry. This type of ring is often sought after for its fashionable appeal and affordability compared to rings made entirely of precious metals and gemstones.